Is this an official website?


Then who are you?

I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto. I have been collecting Canadian case data since the beginning of the pandemic. I realized that there is no single source to get a good idea of the national cases, testing and hospitalization rates in addition to provincial breakdowns and with the latest data. Hence, this website was born.

Why are you building this website?

I wanted to build an informative website with clear and interactive charts. Recently, a key focus of the website is to demonstrate exactly what "flattening the curve" looks like for Canada and to show how our efforts in social distancing seem to be working. If everyone can see the results of our collective efforts, it will give us some hope and motivation to #FlattenTheCurve. This website's analysis is NOT an endorsement to relax or strengthen preventative measures. This is best left to public health experts.

What are your data sources?

For Canada, I curated the data myself using official provincial sources until July 17th. As of July 17th, I have switched to using data curated by the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group. This means I no longer curate the data myself. If you have concerns about the data please raise an issue here. For global charts, I use data from JHU CSSE. A complete list of sources can be found here.

How often do you update the site?

This site is maintained by just 1 individual (me). As my regular job resumes, I find less and less time to maintain the website. Switching data sources has allowed me to keep updating this website daily but that means as of July 17th the data is no longer curated by me personally.
As of September 01, I will no longer update this website regularly as I cannot find the time for it and as interest in following COVID-19 statistics decreases. Thank you for your visits and support!

How can I contact you?

Thank you for your interest! Please email me at I welcome your feedback and requests.